Why be a Christian?

Why be a Christian? There are many ways to answer this question. Here are a few to get you started:

Because it’s true

A funny claim to make, but Christianity is profoundly historical. It centres on the historical fact of Jesus Christ’s ministry on earth. Jesus was a person who claimed not only to be from God, but also to be God in the flesh. Many people in the West today either assume that the Christian story has the status of a children’s tale, like Red Riding Hood or Jack and the Beanstalk, or that it has grains of truth but is so unreliable that you cannot safely build your life around it. However, the New Testament documents in particular are remarkably reliable when compared to other works of history of their time. The writers simply claim to be witnesses to the person of Jesus. They were nothing special, just ordinary men who saw something amazing and wanted to pass it on.

Because it answers our questions

No one should be expected to believe in a system of thought that doesn’t adequately answer our questions. Far from taking their brains out, Christians are people who have found satisfying answers to life’s deepest questions. Question like; where have we come from, why are we here, where will we go to when we die? The Biblical perspective is the only one which adequately diagnoses the state of this world and human-kind’s relationship to it, and so is the only one which offers a remedy that goes deep enough to get to the heart of our questions.

Because it meets our needs

Christianity claims that we are stuck in a big pit. That’s the hard news. But it also offers us a unique rescue. Once the penny drops and we are able to accept that rescue, our hearts melt and our soul sings. It is a glorious and life-changing encounter. One word that encapsulates the Christian faith is ‘Grace.’ Grace is the receipt of something we don’t deserve. Every Christian is on a journey of grace-fuelled transformation. As that transformation gets underway, so life becomes richer.

Because the alternative is empty

There’s so much excitement in our world. And yet, living for that holiday, or nights out, that ‘perfect’ relationship or job success just won’t be enough. The message of the Christian faith is that we were made for more than these things. Until we realise that, and turn and reach out to God, we will never find the heart of life. One great thinker put it this way, ‘Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you’ (Augustine of Hippo).

Because the future matters

It’s an extraordinary thing. Most people have given some thought to their pension, they have a pension plan, but so few have given any thought to their eternal future, what will happen to them once they die. Christianity offers the most amazing eternity plan. It also warns us that we will not win against our greatest enemy, the enemy of death, unless we put our hand into the hand of the only man to have conquered death – the hand of Jesus Christ. The advertisers are wrong. The future is not Orange! The future is Jesus.

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